Our commitment

As a family and family business, long-term vision and conscious actions are part of our everyday life. With our own foundation, a sustainability fund and generous employee benefits, we have taken on a pioneering role in the hospitality industry.

Who, if not us?

Our founder and philanthropist Fred Tschanz set an example by taking responsibility for his surroundings. As the next generation, we are going one step further. In addition to our charitable foundation and the family atmosphere we cultivate within our team, we also focus on environmental issues. We pursue a resource-conserving, environmentally friendly lifestyle and want to bring this into our company. We have already implemented numerous measures - and we are not running out of ideas.

Our Foundation for Children and Young People

Since 1997, the Fred Tschanz operations have been contributing to our foundation for disadvantaged, mentally and/or physically disabled children and young people in the Zurich region. The cash or donations in kind are used for training and further education purposes, medical services, and care and supervision in cases where costs are not covered by social insurance or other government agencies. Examples include therapeutic riding and dyslexia therapy.


Support the Fred Tschanz Foundation

We receive more requests than we can finance. By making a donation, you will enable more children to benefit from our support. We look forward to a personal exchange and are happy to provide further information.

In favor of:

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Fred Tschanz Stiftung
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Portrait of Stefano Gagliardi

Stefano Gagliardi


Fred Tschanz Sustainability Fund

With our internal fund, we promote sustainable development: from building optimization and renovations to employee training. For example, we use it to finance programs to avoid food waste or to provide training in resource-efficient menu design. Our goal of optimizing the ecological footprint of our operations is something we pursue together with our team.

Benefits for our employees

The well-being of our employees is our greatest asset. The opportunity to work part-time, internal and external training and in-house physiotherapy all contribute to employee satisfaction. With proactive communication and regular events, we promote team cohesion and the integration of our foreign-language employees. The benefits include an optional ZVV travelcard.

All benefits

Partnerships and suppliers

The high standards we set for ourselves are also reflected in our choice of partners and suppliers. For renovations, we rely on local craftsmanship and durable materials. We only offer our guests products that we can completely vouch for.  This includes products such as fair trade coffee, bicycle tours of the city and regional organic meat.

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Outstanding sustainability

In recent years, we have reached several milestones. Our efforts earned us the  «Swisstainable leading» label by Switzerland Tourism in 2023 and we were the first Swiss company to be awarded the international  «Biosphere Sustainable» . The latter takes into account all the goals of the United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


The commitment we bring to our company regularly gives rise to new stories and encounters. We share them here and take you with us on our journey!