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Our Engagement

As a family and family-run operation, acting with conscience and looking ahead to the future is daily business to us. Which is why we are committed to ecological, social and economic sustainability: with our foundation, for instance, or by purchasing power from 100% renewable energy sources.

Our Foundation for Children and Young People

Since 1997, the Fred Tschanz operations have been contributing to our foundation for disadvantaged, mentally and/or physically disabled children and young people in the Zurich region. The cash or donations in kind are used for training and further education purposes, medical services, and care and supervision in cases where costs are not covered by social insurance or other government agencies. Examples include therapeutic riding and dyslexia therapy.


Zürcher Kantonalbank
8010 Zürich

Zugunsten von:
IBAN CH31 0070 0110 0003 1704 9
Fred Tschanz Stiftung
c/o Fred Tschanz
Limmatquai 2
8024 Zürich

Konto: 80-151-4


Stefano Gagliardi


+41 44 267 47 67

Fred Tschanz Sustainability Fund

With our internal fund, we promote sustainable development: from staff training and our products to investments and building projects. We also use these funds to finance food waste prevention programs or training programs in resource-efficient menu creation.

News from the Tschanz Group

Here you will find more current reports from our employees as well as from our Fred Tschanz operations. 

Wer, wenn nicht Mediha?

Seit Anfang Juli liegt unser HR Management in den erfahrenen Händen von Mediha Murati. Ihr unbescheidenes Ziel: Fred Tschanz zur beliebtesten Arbeitgeberin der Branche zu machen.

Lara, ein besonderes Pferdemädchen

Die kraftvolle Ruhe, die Pferde ausstrahlen, verzaubert so manches Mädchen. Für Lara jedoch hat die Verbindung zu ihren wiehernden Freunden eine spezielle Bedeutung.