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Interview: the highlights of our hotel renovation

Our guests and our team are very happy about the freshly renovated interiors of our largest hotel - the Fred Hotel Zürich Main Station. General Manager Cedric Nake presents the most important innovations in an interview.

The Fred Hotel Zurich Main Station was renovated over a period of three months. Visiting the hotel leaves no doubt: As soon as you enter the lobby, the first thing that catches your eye is the newly designed reception desk. Light, friendly colors and high-quality materials create an inviting and modern ambience.

Cedric Nake, what else characterizes the new lobby?

We wanted the lobby to be bright and open. It should be a space where people feel welcome and enjoy spending time. The outdated business corner was removed to create more of a lounge atmosphere, with a coffee machine and comfortable cushions and tables where people can read or work. We have also integrated the reception screens into the counter, so that there is no longer any obstacle for eye contact between guests and staff.

The rooms look much brighter and more modern. What was actually done?

In the rooms, the focus was on two things: more space and more sleeping comfort. We therefore replaced the wardrobes with airy garderobes, which creates a more spacious room feeling without compromising on practicality. Calm, restrained colors and pleasant materials ensure a timeless style. The wood of the floors and bed headboards complement this style. Wood looks very natural and valuable and gives the room a feel-good character.

You mentioned sleeping comfort - one of the central arguments for any hotel.

Absolutely. The bed is the most important element in the room. We are therefore particularly proud of our new box spring beds from Swiss quality brand Bico. They combine true Swissness with the highest level of sleeping comfort. In addition, we have equipped all rooms with USB-C sockets to conveniently charge your smartphone or tablet at any time.

What other comfort features can your guests look forward to?

Each floor now has a coffee corner where our guests can prepare delicious coffee or tea by Julius Meinl.

Have you already received feedback from guests?

Absolutely. We get a lot of feedback from guests. The staff and their friendly service receive the most praise - followed by the good location of the hotel and the cleanliness of our rooms. Just one example: "The manager/staff were exceptionally wonderful/professional AND took time to help me with my questions and to configure bedrooms for a party of seven people. We all loved the coffee that was available to us! Rooms were exceptionally bright, modern and clean."

And what does your team think?

We got positive feedback from our team all the way through. Everyone enjoys the modern and bright design. When choosing furnishings and materials, we always thought about work ergonomics. The rooms are now easier to clean and prepare than before.