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A Zurich’s Legend as a Mural

Since May 2024, the facade of the Fred Hotel Zurich Hauptbahnhof has been adorned with a portrait of our founder, Fred Tschanz. The 8-meter-high mural is a tribute to a Zurich original, whose legacy we respectfully continue to develop.

Who can still remember his lovingly mischievous look? Fred Tschanz shaped Zurich's gastro culture and was known throughout the city for his pioneering spirit, zest for life, and big heart. We wanted to capture this unique character and immortalize it in a prominent location in Zurich.

A Historic Photo Subject for Zurich

No sooner said than done. The facade facing the courtyard of the Fred Hotel Zurich Hauptbahnhof seemed to us the perfect canvas for an artistic mural — slightly hidden yet brightly illuminated by the sun. Our favorite photo of Fred, taken 15 years ago in "his" ODEON , served as the template. From this, the Winterthur artist duo Nordschwarz created an oversized portrait in four days, inviting passersby to stop, marvel, and take photos.

The Living Legacy of Fred Tschanz

"Painting the portrait of a Zurich original in this format felt epic," says artist Levin Bräu. "We had to dig deep into our toolbox to get the proportions and the characteristic facial expression just right. But for this unique commission, we wanted to get everything right." CEO Domenic Zembrod, who spearheaded the mural project, is thrilled with the result: "I think Fred would be quite proud. Not of his beautiful portrait! But that where it says Fred, there's truly a lot of him in it."

You can read more about the life and work of restaurateur Fred Tschanz, who died in 2012, in our history .