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Evening menu


Splügen organic alp cheese (V)

Passo dello Spluga | aged

Mountain cheese | mild

Fresh fruits | fig mustard

CHF 13.50

Bernese meat platter

Beef bacon | cured beef

Mixed pickles

CHF 18.00

Alpine platter

Splügen organic alp cheese

Cured meat from Bern

Trio of crostini

CHF 36.00


Daily soup (V)

Please ask our service team

CHF 9.50

Grison barley soup

Cured meat | leek | carrots | onions

CHF 12.50

Seasonal salad (V+)

French or Italian dressing

CHF 9.50


Fitness plate

Mixed salad | chicken strips 

French or Italian dressing 

CHF 24.50

Vegi clubsandwich (V)

Grilled seasonal vegetables | truffel mayonnaise 

iceberg lettuce | 8001-fries

CHF 24.00

Jumi Swiss alpine burger

Jumi beef | bacon | mountain herb or chili raclette cheese

red onions | BBQ-Sauce | 8001-fries

CHF 28.50

Cheese Fondue

Not just any old fondue – our organic cheese mixture comes from a traditional source: the Splügen dairy in the canton of Graubünden. Here, at an altitude of 1430 m, the Flückiger family has been turning milk from eight local dairy farmers into the finest mountain cheese products for 25 years.

Organic mountain cheese (V)

CHF 29.50

Tomato fondue (V)

CHF 32.50

Summer truffle fondue (V)

CHF 38.50

No-Moo vegan fondue (V+)



CHF 32.50

Walnut | Bacon

CHF 5.00

Cured meat

CHF 5.00


CHF 5.00

Pickled cucumber

CHF 5.00

Pearl onion

CHF 5.00


CHF 2.00

Cherry Liquor 37%

CHF 6.00


Züri Geschnätzlets


Veal strips | button mushrooms | potato-apple rösti

CHF 36.00

Homemade wild garlic sausage

Beef and pork mincemeat| Jus

seasonal vegetables | 8001-fries

CHF 26.50

Breaded pork schnitzel

Cranberry confiture | potato salad

CHF 28.00

Fish Nuggets (L)

Tatar sauce| 8001-fries

CHF 27.50

Alpine macaroni (V)

Homemade apple sauce | roast onion

CHF 24.00

Pearl barley risotto (V+)

Leek | carrots | onions

CHF 22.50

Mountainrösti (V)

Mountain herb or chili raclette cheese | fried egg

CHF 24.00

Extra bacon

CHF 2.00

Extra chicken

CHF 8.00


Adi’s chocolate cake (G)

Kalte Lust organice ice cream

CHF 9.50

8001 daily dessert

Please ask our service team

CHF 6.50

Caramelized apple (G)

Natural quark | almond crunch

CHF 9.50


Breded pork schnitzel (L)


CHF 12.00

Penne (V)

Tomato sauce 

CHF 12.00

Fish Nuggets (L)

Tartar sauce | 8001-Fries

CHF 12.00

(V) Vegetarian

(V+) Vegan

(G) Gluten free

(L) Lactose free

For our dishes we only use Swiss meat, Swiss free range-eggs and certificated freshwater fish.

Exceptions are declared accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to contact our service staff with any questions regarding allergies.

All prices in CHF incl. 7.7% VAT.