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Evening menu

Swiss Tapas

Bacon wrapped prunes (L) (G)

Arugula | BBQ-sauce

CHF 6.50

Parsnip fries (V) (G)

Sour cream herb dip

CHF 6.50

Marinated olives (V) (G)

Splügen organic alp cheese

CHF 6.50

Potato-bacon pralines

Sour cream herb dip

CHF 7.50

Fondue potatoes (V)


CHF 6.50

Mountain herb raclette (V)

Cornichons | potatoes

CHF 7.50

Alpine platter (V) (G)

Splügen organic alp cheese | fruit | honey

CHF 11.50

Chef's mix

Mixed Swiss tapas to share

CHF 22.00


Daily soup (V)

Please ask our service team

CHF 9.50

Seasonal salad (V+)

French or Italian dressing

CHF 9.50


Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce | chicken breast | bacon |boiled Eggs | croûtons | sbrinz cheese

CHF 26.00

Vegi clubsandwich (V+)

Seasonal vegetables | pesto rosso | 8001-fries

CHF 22.00

Züri steak sandwich

Beef strips | onions | gruyère | arugula | BBQ-sauce | 8001-fries

CHF 28.50

Jumi Swiss alpine burger

Jumi beef | Grison ham | mountain herb raclette cheese | red onions | pesto rosso | 8001-fries

CHF 28.00


Züri Geschnätzlets


Veal strips | button mushrooms | potato-pear rösti

CHF 34.00

Wiener Schnitzel

Cranberry | potato salad

CHF 28.00

Alpine macaroni (V)

Homemade apple sauce | roast onion

CHF 24.00

Mountainrösti (V)

Mountain herb raclette cheese | fried egg

CHF 23.50

Extra bacon

CHF 2.00

Organic cheese fondue (V)

Organic mountain cheese

Extras to dip:

CHF 28.00

Walnut | Bacon

CHF 5.00

Dried apricots

CHF 5.00


CHF 5.00

Cherry Liquor

CHF 5.00


Tartarsauce | 8001-Fries
CHF 27.50


Adi’s chocolate cake (V) (G)

CHF 9.50

8001 daily dessert

Please ask our service team

CHF 6.50

Absinth Crème brûlée (G)

CHF 7.50

Autumn Coupe (G)

3 Scoops "Kalte Lust" | cinnamon crunch

CHF 12.50

Kalte Lust - organic ice cream

Please ask our service team

CHF 4.50


Chicken Nuggets

Tartarsauce | 8001-Fries
CHF 12.00

Gehacktes mit Hörnli (L)

Jumi beef sauce

CHF 12.00

Fish Nuggets

Tartar sauce | 8001-Fries

CHF 12.00

(V) Vegetarian

(V+) Vegan

(G) Gluten free

(L) Lactose free

For our dishes we only use Swiss meat, Swiss free range-eggs and certificated freshwater fish.

Exceptions are declared accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to contact our service staff with any questions regarding allergies.

All prices in CHF incl. 7.7% VAT.