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Evening menu

Swiss Tapas

Bacon wrapped prunes (L) (G)

Arugula | BBQ-sauce

CHF 6.50

Parsnip fries (V) (G)

Sour cream herb dip

CHF 6.50

Marinated olives (V) (G)

Splügen organic alp cheese

CHF 8.50

Potato-bacon pralines

Sour cream herb dip

CHF 7.50

Organic raclette (V)

moutain herb or chili raclette cheese

CHF 6.50

Alpine platter (V) (G)

Mixed Swiss tapas to share

CHF 23.50


Daily soup (V)

Please ask our service team

CHF 9.50

Grison barley soup

Cured meat | leek | carrots | onions

CHF 12.50

Seasonal salad (V+)

French or Italian dressing

CHF 9.50

Baked fondue potato

Organic mountain cheese | chive

CHF 12.50

Peak platter

Dried sausage speciality from Berne | Splügen organic alp cheese

CHF 12.50


Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce | chicken breast | bacon |boiled Eggs | croûtons | sbrinz cheese

CHF 24.50

Vegi clubsandwich (V+)

Seasonal vegetables | pesto rosso | 8001-fries

CHF 24.00

Züri steak sandwich

Beef strips | onions | gruyère | arugula | BBQ-sauce | 8001-fries

CHF 31.00

Jumi Swiss alpine burger

Jumi beef | Grison ham | mountain herb raclette cheese | red onions | pesto rosso | 8001-fries

CHF 28.00

Cheese Fondue

Organic cheese fondue (V)

Organic mountain cheese

Extras to dip:

CHF 29.50

Walnut | Bacon

CHF 5.00

Dried apricots

CHF 5.00


CHF 5.00

Cherry Liquor

CHF 6.00


Züri Geschnätzlets


Veal strips | button mushrooms | potato-pear rösti

CHF 36.00

Beef entrecôte 180g

Herb butter | seasonal vegetables | roast potatoes

CHF 42.00

Cheesy Swiss sausage

Fig mustard | potato salad

CHF 24.00

Breaded pork schnitzel

Seasonal vegetables | 8001-fries

CHF 28.00

Alpine macaroni (V)

Homemade apple sauce | roast onion

CHF 24.00

Pearl barley risotto

Forest mushrooms | blueberries | thyme

CHF 22.50

Mountainrösti (V)

Mountain herb raclette cheese | fried egg

CHF 24.00

Extra bacon

CHF 2.00


Adi’s chocolate cake (V) (G)

CHF 9.50

8001 daily dessert

Please ask our service team

CHF 6.50

Absinth Crème brûlée (G)

CHF 7.50

Autumn Coupe (G)

3 Scoops "Kalte Lust" | cinnamon crunch

CHF 12.50

Kalte Lust - organic ice cream

Please ask our service team

CHF 4.50


Chicken Nuggets

Tartarsauce | 8001-Fries
CHF 12.00

Gehacktes mit Hörnli (L)

Jumi beef sauce

CHF 12.00

Fish Nuggets

Tartar sauce | 8001-Fries

CHF 12.00


CHF 27.50

(V) Vegetarian

(V+) Vegan

(G) Gluten free

(L) Lactose free

For our dishes we only use Swiss meat, Swiss free range-eggs and certificated freshwater fish.

Exceptions are declared accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to contact our service staff with any questions regarding allergies.

All prices in CHF incl. 7.7% VAT.